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3D Terrain Modeling

  From construction sites to golf courses, businesses around the world are discovering how easy it is to generate a highly detailed and accurate 3D model of an area using a drone. Where ground-based methods can take days to capture 1,000 points, and alternavtive airbased photographic capturing can be expensive and more dangerous, a drone can scan the same area in less than an hour and generate a 3D model with millions of points.

3D mapping is a technology that creates three-dimensional views of objects on computer screens. This type of technology is often used in modern computer programs to provide a life-like view of a place or thing on a map.

3D rendering can be used for much more than volumetric and as built. More people are riding the technological wave and attracted to anything new and innovative. Imagine being able to see and study every hole before you hit the course, improving your first game at a course you’ve never been to. Even making it possible to see and prepare yourself for your next hole while on the course using a embeded render you can attach to your website or app for your visitors to access anywhere.

All 3D renderings are easily embedable for websites, facebook and mobile applications.

If your intersted in exploring 3D rendering for your project give us a call.

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