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Roof inspections are one of the most challenging parts of a home inspection because of their lack of accessibility. So many of the homes we see have roofs whose pitch or slope are too steep for the inspector to safely walk, made of a material that you cannot walk, or structurally unsafe. In the past, these types of roofs could only be inspected with binoculars or from a ladder.



Our 107 certified pilots are Safe-To-Fly.  We adhere to all FAA guidelines.  For safety and quality, we shoot with a two-man crew, and we are fully insured.  Our pilot always keeps visual contact with the drone, while our navigator guides and directs the shot.

Our drone platform camera shoots still jpg images are 12 megapixel HD – High Definition. The camera has a specific lens design which eliminates distortion, and the 20mm focal length opens up your shots to a remarkably wide angle without that fish-eye look.

HD video and photos to aid in expediting claims.

We provide everything in one package. HD Drone footage, FAA licensed pilots, media editing, and a team of professionals dedicated to bringing you the finest quality possible.

Elevate Drone Solutions utilizes the latest industry

technologies to provide our client professional quality media.

We understand that you are working within a short time frame so your report is electronically delivered to you within 24 hours of the home inspection. We provide you with a detailed video and photographic roof inspection. Each report is individually prepared for you based on the Pilot’s findings.

An Elevate Drone Solutions representative can help you create an image for you and your properties that is two steps above.

Give us a call and secure your most valuable Investment, the roof over your head.

Got a project? Give us a call and  we can make it happen.

•Catch problems before they escalate

•Assess roofs difficult to get to or walk on.

•Insurance claim documentation

•Prevent damage to the materials like tiles, solar panels and metal roofs.

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