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The integration of drones on construction sites are here to stay. It is suddenly a matter of how to apply it to your work flows to benefit the largest number of team members in the most efficient, safe and cost effective way.


1 Introduction

         Drones are Quickly Becoming a Must-Have Tool on Any Jobsite

2 Communicate with Stake Holders and Team Members

         Drones Save Money and Allow for Quick Decisions and Conflict Resolution

3 Reduce Down Time with Monitoring in Real Time

         Data Collection in Days Not Weeks

4 Stock Pile and Volumetric Accuracy

         Ground-based vs Aerial Volumetrics

5 Site Safety

         How Mapping Work Flows Improve Site Safety

6 Design Tools

         More Data Export Formats for design

7 The Bottom Line

         Who does this benefit in my organization and where can I save?

8 Conclusion

         Next Step and the Future of Your Project

By now, there’s no denying it: drones have made their way into the construction industry, and they are here to stay. Today’s drones pack a big punch, helping project managers, superintendents, field engineers, and build instant return on investment with jobsite-ready maps and models. Time and again, drones save money, reduce downtime, and improve safety on construction projects. 


But if you are like many construction professionals, you probably have a few questions about implementing drones on your own jobsite. Sure, you’ve heard all the hype, but are they really worth the effort? Exactly what types of results will drones deliver? And most importantly, are they safe?


We briefly explore how construction teams use drones to generate collaborative maps and 3D models, leverage data from high-resolution point clouds, and even create accurate contour maps. 


Drones are quickly becoming a must-have tool on any jobsite. We’re confident you’ll come away with a better understanding of how drones can help you streamline and improve your daily workflows, save time, and create more informed, collaborative teams.


Let’s get started…


CS Introduction

Drone technology makes collaboration and information sharing, both internally and externally, easier than ever before. Elevate Drone Solutions uses Drone Deploy’s Cloud based platform which makes it easy to share annotated and analyzed maps between team members or keep external stakeholders up-to-speed on the progress of a project.  


Stake Holder / Client

In stakeholder meetings, having a clear display of any current site problems is a powerful communication tool. Likewise, having an up-to-date aerial map helps dispense information efficiently, even among large teams. Accelerate decision-making by referencing an aerial map whenever modifications need to be made to a project.


CS Comm W/ Stake Holders

Aerial images enhance monthly progress reports and marketing materials and are often required for legal issues and draw reports.

Our images not only document the status of construction but they can also be used to settle conflicts, avoid costly delays, and provide anyone associated with the project valuable information while saving time.

A Elevate Drone Solutions representative can help you schedule monthly time-laps programs unique to your project site.

Home Developer / Site Supervisor

This platform can be used to help manage large, custom home projects. Homeowners make frequent changes to house footprints, models, and orientation, so overlaying drone maps with utility, wastewater, and communications plans can help catch conflicts with services before they happen and redirect them at minimal cost. The increase in transparency on the site and processes allows for change detection. Other uses for weekly mapping the project is the opportunity  to assess:


  • Manage real time progress invoicing and bond management for increased cash flow.

  • Truck accesses and road widths

  • How much debris is needing to be cleared out for a clean and organized site.

  • Contractor accountablilty

  • Make changes or verify work before the contractor leaves the site

  • Erosion control

  • Grassing and stablization densities

  • Material, Personnel and equipment Inventory

  • Build a future performance library for promotions for clients and future bid processes.

Regular mapping flights have the added bonus of creating a complete, visual record of a site’s progress, which many project managers and site engineers find invaluable when it comes to exploring trends  over time.


Whether you need a drone to manage a large development project or just for a singular build site, our drones provide unparalleled quality.

Whether you use it for surveying or monitoring job sites to ensure safe practices, showing potential and current clients an aerial overview of projects or simply to inspect project progress, our drones have the potential to be just as important as any other tool on your job site.

Engineering / Project Managers

Not only are drone-based surveys faster to perform than ground-based surveys, but they also deliver  much more detailed data. Where a ground survey yields only a few hundred points of resolution, a  drone-generated point cloud contains millions of points. These high-resolution point clouds seamlessly integrated into BIM software, enhancing the work of design and management teams. Import the drone-generated point clouds into Autodesk Revit, where you can overlay the data with 3D site plan models to enhance a whole host of processes.

 · Enhance initial site survey and design 

 · Verify earthwork 

 · Comparing actual construction against plans  

 · Check on the placement of concrete footings and pipes  

 · Measure and compare changes over time

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In a fraction of the time it takes to conduct a ground-based survey, a drone can fly and capture imagery of a project site. Using traditional ground surveyor methods, it can take 1-2 weeks to gather survey data on a 60-acre jobsite. For most construction sites of this size, it takes less than an hour to fly and capture the same data using aerial vehicles.


Data collection in days not weeks,

A side-by-side comparison


CS Reduce down time

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Is aerial surveying utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)

as accurate as other generally accepted methods,

in particular, high-precision GPS?


Traditional surveying is the gold standard and is a very precise method for determining the X, Y and Z coordinates of each point, however there are limitations in the number of points that can be taken for a given survey before becoming cost prohibitive. Where typical GPS measurements for stockpile volumes are measured in square yards per point, aerial measurements create hundreds of points per square yard.

With aerial surveying, complex photogrammetry software is used to stitch hundreds to thousands of high resolution photographs into complex three-dimensional models. This revolution to using big data and powerful software to calculate volumes can provide exceptional results at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. By having many more data points, the resulting volumes from this method are very accurate.


CS Volumetrics

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Aerial Mapping Workflows to Improve Site Safety

Your first thought might be: how can flying an unmanned aircraft around heavy machinery be safe? But in reality, when used by an FAA certified pilot, they can improve the safety of everyday work by reducing the need to put boots on the ground in dangerous areas.

By using drone maps as part of the regular safety inspection process, site managers can identify hazards more efficiently. In many cases, the comprehensive overhead view helps managers spot potential hazards sooner and act before a problem becomes larger.

Keeping external stakeholders informed with drone maps and models not only ensures everyone is on the same page, but it also reduces the frequency of walkthroughs–and the chance of a client being injured while on site.


 In this respect, Elevate Drone Solutions will be pushing the envelope by experimenting with the use of virtual reality, in conjunction with DroneDeploy’s mapping software, to create immediate, virtual representations of construction sites in the future.


CS Site Safety

Elevate Drone Solutions can help enable access to previously inaccessible areas for aerial inspection. We can access structures safely, quickly and without disruption to the operations of the site using aerial inspections. 

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Welcome to our platform! While we may not be surveyors ourselves, we offer a comprehensive data collection and management tool that provides enhanced oversight capabilities. Our primary goal is to assist you in seamlessly integrating our flights into your existing site plans, leveraging the power of Ground Control Points (GCPs) set by professional surveyors. By doing so, you can import the resulting maps into leading industry software applications such as BIM, GIS, and CAD.

One of the standout features of our tool is its flexibility in data export. We understand that different projects require different file formats, and we've got you covered. You can easily export your data in various formats, including TIFF, KML, SHP, DXF, LAS, OBJ, and XYZ. This ensures compatibility and allows you to work with your data in the format that suits your needs best.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of integrating with other tools you use on a daily basis. That's why we provide open APIs, enabling seamless synchronization of your data with a wide range of everyday tools. This integration eliminates any potential workflow disruptions and streamlines your operations, allowing for smooth collaboration across different platforms.

At our platform, we are dedicated to simplifying your data collection and management processes while maximizing the value you can extract from your aerial flights. Partner with us and experience a truly comprehensive solution tailored to your specific requirements.


CS Design Tools

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CS Conclusion


Why Use Elevate Drone Solutions?

Maximize -

Minimize -

  • New Bids won using Drones for investigating potential sites and comparing to bid packages.

  • Increase time line efficiency for completing more jobs per year.

  • Profits per job.

  • Collaboration For Stack Holders and Team 

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Billing reconciliation delays

  • Surprise project costs

  • Over work and rework costs

  • Haul costs

  • Equipment / Labor costs

  • Injuries to contractors

  • Fluctuations in budgets

Drones are quickly becoming a must-have tool on any jobsite. We’re confident you’ll come away with a better understanding of how drones can help you streamline and improve your daily workflows, save time, save money and create more informed, collaborative teams.

Now that you’ve brushed on some of the fundamentals of using drones in construction, we hope you feel more prepared to integrate drones on your jobsite, or into your next project. Of course, there is so much more to learn about drones in the construction industry. If you still have questions or want to learn more, we suggest you give us a call and consider us one of your resources.

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PS: Ask us about remote viewing with virtual job site walk throughs…

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