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Water filled containers are the #1 source of mosquito out breaks in residential neighborhoods. From flower pots to baby pools to long neglected pools, aerial photography can help find areas of standing water and limit exposure to mosquito transmitted disease.

Erosion pool insp Mosq containers.JPG

Inspect the pond for trash and debris
that may block inlet and outlet pipes.
If there is a blockage, the amount of
water that can be stored in the pond
may be altered leading to flooding.


Inspect for sediment accumulation at
inlet pipes which can restrict water flow.

Elevate Drone Solutions is dedicated to delivering total peace of mind to Boards of Directors and homeowners in the communities it manages. The best strategy for success in managing your subdivision is to bring professional skills on board. Although board members may consist of professionals but few have the time necessary to devote to properly managing every aspect of the community.

Monitor bank erosion, slumping or over growth issues. Bank erosion can be the result of a number things. Musk rat, over spray of weed control products, or even water fowl. A high definition snap shot of the amenity can be the tool you need to catch a potential problem before it gets away from you. 

Report Documents and Data.png
  • Erosion

  • Sloughing

  • Likely Vector Issue

  • Grassing Needed 

  • Special Dimensions

  • or any other identified areas of interest

We begin our assessment by studying the high definition orthographic photo of the area of interest. Using an annotation 

platform we identify the trouble areas and grade them by  catagory: 

Orthographic Photography.png
ortho elevation.png
Elevation Assessment.png

Graduated elevation assessments are a tool to support the findings of the orthographic photo. It allows for a color graded elevation of the area to better define the edges of grade issues which could be missed within the ortho.

3D Render Perspective.png

Inspect you site from every angle using a 3D model of the area.  Adding structure to your orthographic photo allows you to see in much more depth. 3D models can be uploaded to Google Earth for private or public view.

Video Assessment.png

Assessment of amenities and infrastructure with video allows Life view recording of the current conditions. Allows you to see angles you can not see in an orthographic photo.The video fills in any areas that may be missed giving you maximum coverage of your site.   

Annotated Report.png

The assessment report brings all the data together in an easy to read dossier. Items of interest can be measured, noted, quantified and categorized by color. To compliment the report we provide HD photo stills of each of the annotated areas. 

Azalea Lakes annotation graphic 2.png
Azalea Lakes annotation graphic 1.png
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 6.jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 5 (2).jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 1.jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 2.jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 3.jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 5 (1).jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 4 (2).jpg
Azalea Lakes pond 6 Annotation 4 (1).jpg

Special Offer!

Luttie Rd 5.jpg

We understand that you are working within a short time frame so your report is electronically delivered to you within 72 hours of the home inspection. We provide you with a detailed photographic roof inspection. Each report is individually prepared for you based on the Pilot’s findings. This programs provides roof inspections for all members of the subdivision association ½ Off all roof inspections valued at  $150-$200 That’s only $75 within  the term of a one year subscription.

All 3D renderings are easily embedable for websites, facebook and mobile applications.

If your intersted in exploring 3D rendering for your project give us a call.

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M y r t l e   B e a c h   S C   2 9 5 8 8 
 E l e v a t e v i e w 2 0 1 6 @ g m a i l . c o m

T e l :   8 4 3 - 4 1 0 - 3 0 1 8 

An Elevate Drone Solutions 

representative can help you create an image for you and your properties that is two steps above the competition.

  • FAA Certified Pilots

  • $1,000,000 insurance coverage

  • High Definition photos and 4K video captures all the detail,and highlights features that make your property unique.

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