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Aromas Car Show

Garden City 




Gunn's Church Trailer

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Gunn's Church Feature

Wedding Day

To provide you with the best aerial video and photography service on the planet. We tailor and customize each service to full fill your aerial video and photo needs with a passion you will not find anywhere else.

Trailer for a Cinematic short video of a historical location in Plantersville, SC. The place was magical as the final hour of light from the sunset is painted across the face of the 158 year old plaster and brick bell tower.

Garden City South Carolina. Apart of what is known as the Grand Strand. A chain of small coastal towns each with their own distinctive character.

Working on your car? Don’t have time to eat? Call for delivery…  Just cruising around town? Stop by for some of Aromas amazing Neapolitan / New York style pizza, pasta or subs. It’s thin crust, crispy but tender texture and oven char sets it apart from other local pizza restaurants. While you are there, don’t forget to ask about the next car show!

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Showcase a home, neighborhood or

business for sale or advertising. Formats

available for the web, YouTube or

commercial production. This beautiful piece of property is located on the waterway in Little River, SC. 

In 1859, a new church was begun for the Prince Frederick Parish.  However, work on the church came to a complete halt later in 1860 When the head architect, Mr. Gunn, slipped on the high, incredibly steep roof and fell, screaming, to his death.  The unfinished church, its massive bell tower rising above the tree tops, was eventually abandoned.

There's no better way to preserve the

memory of a special event than having it professionally videotaped.

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The integration of drones on construction sites are here to stay. It is suddenly a matter of how to apply it to your work flows to benefit the largest number of team members in the most efficient, safe and cost effective way. We can show you how to get the most out of project.

Aerial Construction 




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One potential use for drones by insurance companies could be an aerial assessment of an affected area after a disaster. Developing situational awareness for deploying additional claims adjusters on the ground, and supporting the claims response process is much safer and efficient than current methods. Drones provide more options to review properties that otherwise would be inaccessible due to safety concerns.

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